Deerfield Bicycle Tour Special Programs

When you're surrounded by such an amazingly scenic and historically-rich landscape, you're bound to want to know more about the stories behind the scenery.  We've added several fun and optional programs as part of the tour to enrich your experience.  From dinosaurs to craft beers - we think you'll find plenty of interesting learning when you're off the bike.

Dwight House in Historic Deefield

Dwight House in Historic Deefield

Sunday Evening

Philip Zea, President of Historic Deerfield welcomes riders to the tour and the town and shares the history and philosophy behind the "best documented town in early America". He'll share insights on Historic Deerfield's mission dual mission of educating the public about the lifestyles of the diverse people who lived here long ago and of preserving antique buildings and collections of regional furniture, silver, textiles, and other decorative arts.

Monday, 3:00 PM

Walking Tour

Join a Historic Deerfield Guide for a stroll along Main Street to Albany Road and the Old Burying Ground.  Along the way you'll see how Historic Deerfield interprets more than 300 years of stories that reflect the rich and diverse social, cultural and economic history of Deerfield and the region.

Headstone from the Old Burying Ground

Headstone from the Old Burying Ground

Amherst College Dinosaur Diorama

Amherst College Dinosaur Diorama

Tuesday, 3:00 PM

Dinosaurs, Dunes and Drifting Continents 

Just when you thought you understood the history of Deerfield we take you back more than 200 million years with a presentation by Richard Little, the founder and owner of Earth View LLC, a geology education services and products company. In his presentation Dick shares how geologic forces at work millions of years ago influenced the landscape that we're riding through now.

Tuesday, 7:30

The River Ran Through It: The Deerfield Inn, a Rising Phoenix from Tropical Storm Irene

The Inn you're staying in was badly damaged in 2011 during the flood associated with Tropical Storm Irene. The raging Deerfield River nearly reached Main Street!  See images from the devastation and the heroic work to restore the property.



Wednesday, 5:00 

Tasting: Contemporary Craft Beers and Ciders of the Valley

"Learn" about some of the Valley's contemporary craft beers and ciders from local experts Alicia Graves and Charlie Olchowski.