Slatestone Brook Falls

Slatestone Brook Falls


Mountain and Milltown                        

43 Miles     +2229 Feet

Today, we’ll head out on one of the many bike trails around Northampton as we travel to one of the region’s popular peaks, Mt. Tom. A mile-long climb will reward you with magnificent views of the surrounding valley. Of course, what goes up must come down and you’ll enjoy the quick descent on the other side of the park as we head towards Holyoke, once a bustling milltown built around waterpower from the Connecticut River and canals. After crossing the Connecticut River, you’ll roll through South Hadley and past another popular summit, Mt. Holyoke. Choose the optional climb of this mountain too if you’d like. It’s a pretty flat ride through Hadley farmlands and along the Norwottuck Rail Trail as you head back to Northampton. See the route at Mountain and Milltown.


Gentle Climbs and Valley Views

44 miles + 2638 Feet

Today, we’ll leave Northampton as we climb into the hilltowns of Ashfield and Conway as we take a circuitous tour north to Deerfield. Along, the way we’ll experience some gorgeous riding along scenic byways and back roads. You’ll also have the opportunity to climb another peak, Mt. Sugarloaf, which rewards you with a commanding view of the central valley. From there, we’ll follow the River Road north and enter the village of Old Deerfield, our home for the next two nights. See the route at Gentle Climbs and Valley Views

Rolling through Old Deerfield

Rolling through Old Deerfield

View of Shelburne Falls from the Bridge of Flowers during the Hilltowns and Flowery Bridge

View of Shelburne Falls from the Bridge of Flowers during the Hilltowns and Flowery Bridge


Hilltowns and the Flowery Bridge

50 Miles     +2993 Feet 

Today is the tour's longest and most challenging ride, a half century with nearly 3,000' of climbing.  Your trip through the hilltowns west of the Valley will be worth it though - you'll find charming communities, spectacular views and gorgeous roads. Plan to spend some time in Shelburne Falls to explore the Bridge of Flowers, grab lunch in a cafe perched over the Deerfield River or visit a craftsperson in their shop.  See the route at Hilltowns and the Flowery Bridge


Brooks, Books and Waterfalls and Return to Northampton

33 Miles     + 739 Feet

Today's ride features six waterfalls and a book store with the curious motto, "Books you don't need in a place you can't find."  You'll want to get off you bike a few times during the ride to savor the splashing scenery, take some pictures or even explore some books "you don't need."  You'll also want to explore the Great Falls Discovery Center or visit some of the fun antique stores in Turners Falls.  We've crammed a lot of adventure into this short-mileage day as you roll back to the start in Northampton.  See the route at Brooks, Books and Waterfalls.